Free login

Comments on free login system

  • I used to work with deliveroo with free login a long time ago. It was a great experience. I am really happy to see it coming back. Every time deliveroo makes new changes it is always good for them but also has some good things for riders too and I am really glad that I am a Roo Rider.
  • This is very good and very fair to everyone. Not like before, some riders occupy the schedule but not deliver food or prolong the delivery time, now everybody can free entry which is great!
  • I hope all the districts can be free login, as I can’t have shifts in some of the districts, so it would be great if you can make it, thanks a lot for your attention!Free login is very convenient and very practical. We can go online when we are free, and hope this can be extended to all areas.
  • Please kindly keep monitoring the new joiner otherwise may affect not enough to offer the order, thanks in advance!
  • Please maintain this arrangement all time, it gives me the flexibility to work for Deliveroo to earn more.
  • It’s very flexible now as I work part time in evenings sometimes. It’s great to earn extra money.
  • Should extend free login to different areas as it can help with the delivery services.
  • It’s very good . Please keep it like this thank you so much.
  • I like that free login will be in sha tin and love to work any time.
  • More flexibility to work and longer as per my needs is good.
  • We hope all Hong Kong’s zones will be free login in 2021.
  • Highly appreciated if free login zones can include Kowloon Bay.