Groceries order

Delivering groceries across Hong Kong

As COVID-19 continues to affect Hong Kong, Deliveroo is dedicated to ensuring our riders, restaurant partners, and customers are safe during this time. In order to better support our customers, you’ll be able to deliver groceries across Hong Kong! We hope this can gives you more of the type of deliveries you want, so you can continue to meet your personal earnings target with Deliveroo.

You are now able to deliver grocery orders from:







Click here to learn more on DON DON DONKI pick up area


7-Eleven convenience stores


  • 7-Eleven convenience stores across Hong Kong


Marks & Spencer


  • Marks & Spencer stores from HKCE, HKTST, HKED, HKWC, HKMK, HKMTW, HKKLB, HKTY, HKKTG, HKTSW

Delivering groceries is easy

Just accept the order like you would normally, and pick up the order at the store before you head to the customer.

A few things to keep in mind when delivering groceries:

Carry a safety compliant thermal bag

Bring a clean thermal bag into the store with you when picking up the order and present the Deliveroo rider app’s order page to the staff. If not, the store may refuse to provide you with an order and your acceptance rate may be affected.


In case of any disputes, please contact Live Rider Support.

Can’t reach customers?

Follow the steps in the app to send a message, call, or notify the customer Deliveroo app when you’ve arrived. Click here for more details on how. 

Unassign orders with long wait times

Contact Live Rider Support to unassign an order if it’s not yet ready after you’ve waited 15 minutes past the “Food Ready Estimate”. Doing so will not affect your acceptance rate.

Request another rider to help with large orders

If you are unable to carry the whole order yourself, please contact Live Rider Support to request another rider to help you deliver the order. We expect you to take as much as you can, and request for help only when you need it.

Please do not leave the store with a portion of the order without contacting our Live Support Agents.

Reminders on thermal bag...

Thermal bags should be sealable and have at least 1cm of insulating material to keep the food warm.

We recommend bringing Deliveroo’s branded small heat bags to present to store staff when picking up the order.

Don’t worry, to ensure you have the best delivery experience, convenience orders will be limited to a set number per item per order so you never have to deliver more than you can carry. However, if you need help, please do not hesitate to contact our Live Rider Support Agent through the app.

If you have any questions or feedback you would like to give regarding groceries delivery, please contact us through Roo Community.