Try out our Fee-Per-Delivery Model!


Fee-per-delivery riders earn up to 25% more on average per hour than hourly riders at busy times and have a better delivery experience. We want all riders to benefit from this model and the additional app features and perks that fee-per-delivery riders enjoy.

We will run a fee-per-delivery trial starting from 21 November to 4 December. If you choose to switch to the fee-per-delivery rider before the trial ends on 4 Dec, you will receive a one-off HKD $3000 switching bonus.

You don’t need to take any action to sign up for the trial. You will be opted into the fee-per-delivery trial on 21 November at 12 am. Any sessions you’ve booked will stay booked and your app will be updated so you can see order fees, your acceptance rate, and boost fees on your new home screen.


At the end of the trial you can choose whether to stay on the fee-per-delivery model or return to hourly payments*, but it’s important to note that we will not continue to operate the old hourly payment model alongside the fee-per-delivery model indefinitely.

The fee-per-delivery model is overwhelmingly popular and beneficial to riders in Hong Kong and across the world and we want all riders to be on this single, superior system. It is important to consider that, when Deliveroo does switch permanently to fee-per-delivery payments for all riders, you will not at this later stage be eligible for the HKD $3000 switching bonus that is available to you if you choose to switch to the fee-per-delivery model before the end of the trial on 4 December.

*If you wish to opt out of the trial, please fill in the form here by 10PM 20 November. Late submission means you will participate in the trial.


Excited to try it out? You can read more about being a fee-per-delivery rider below.



*You are required to stay on the fee-per-delivery model for the length of the trial – this is to allow you sufficient time to experience the benefits of the model and additional app features

*If you wish to return to the hourly payment model after the trial has ended, you must send written notice to Rider Support through Roo Community by 5PM 2 December





Higher fee for longer distance orders

The longer distance you deliver, the higher you will earn!

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Lunch and Dinner peak hour surges

Frequent surges for high demand zones and hours!

Click here to learn more about our surges!

Boost fee

You are eligible to earn an extra 30% boost fee on your base order fees if you reach an 80% acceptance rate by the end of every Friday.

Click here to learn more about your earning with boost fee!




Cash Out Anytime!

Can’t wait for the weekly payment cycle? Cash out whenever you like!

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Better Delivery Experience


Full Delivery Details before accepting

See everything you want to know about an order before deciding to accept. You will be able to see the whole delivery journey, including restaurants and customer location, and total order fees prior to accepting your orders.

Able to reject/unassign orders

Not favoring the delivery areas?
You now get more flexibility rejecting orders!

Click here to earn more on unassigning your orders.

Send customer notifications when you arrive

Struggle to find customers when you arrive?
You can now send a notification to their app.

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After Trial

At the end of the trial, you will have the choice to stay on Distance-Based Fees, or you can also switch back to the hourly system*.

For more information, please also check the FAQs below:


The fee includes a distance component which means you will get paid more for longer distance orders. Unlike the hourly system, you will be able to see the amount being paid per order in your app before you accept the order.

Click here to learn more.


No, everything will stay the same when you book slots. You are free to book and go online whenever and wherever you want.

Weekly incentives plan is released and communicated every Friday night. If you see a ⚡️ sign in the planner for those specific hours and zones, every order you do will get the surge incentives times the 1.3x boost fee if you reach 80% of acceptance rate by the end of the cycle.

Boost fee is equivalent to 30% of your base order fees. If you do 2 orders each worth $50 in the period, your boost fee is equal to:

($50 x 2) x 0.3 = $30

And your total earnings for the period is:

($50 x 2) + $30 = $130

You are eligible for the boost fee if your acceptance rate is 80% or higher by the end of every Friday at 23:59. The adjustment for boost fee is usually updated in the app every Saturday or Sunday night.

Click here for a more detailed explanation.

Please follow the steps here to unassign your orders if the restaurant wait time is too long. When you unassign an order, your acceptance rate will not be impacted if the estimated prep time of the order is 15 mins larger than your current time at the restaurant.

You must fill in this form if you wish to opt out the trial by 10PM 20 November.


No, once the trial starts on 21 November, you are required to stay on Distance-based for the length of the trial, so that you can  have ample time to test the new features yourself. 

You must send written notice to Rider Support through Roo Community if you wish to revert back to hourly contract by 5PM 2 December.