Post Order Tipping

A new way for customers to tip you


You told us you’d like customers to be able to recognise great service by tipping you through the app after you’ve completed a delivery.

We heard you!! So now Deliveroo customers are able to tip you after you’ve delivered their order.

How it works


After you’ve delivered an order, we’ll send the customer a push notification letting them know they can tip you through the Deliveroo app.


We’ll send you a message through the app whenever you receive a tip so you know when your great service has stood out.


You’ll be able to view any tips you get after you completed a delivery on the Earnings page in the app.

Our guide to great service

Customers are much more likely to tip riders who provide great service - here are some ways you can increase your chances of being tipped:

1. Head straight to the customer - They’ll be waiting for you

2. Ride with care - This will help stop food from spilling or packaging being damaged

3. Check the delivery notes - They may contain instructions on how to identify the customer’s location or access their building

4. Be respectful - Some well wishes can create a memorable customer experience