A Summary: Deliveroo’s First Rider Forum


Thank you to all who participated in our first virtual Rider Forum on 26 August!

The Forum was created to provide riders like you with a platform to share their feedback and ideas with Hong Kong General Manager Brian Lo and the wider Deliveroo team. The ideas and feedback shared during the Forum will help us continue to improve riders experience with Deliveroo throughout Hong Kong. To learn more about what was discussed, keep reading.

About the forum

The discussion began with introductions  before each rider took turns sharing their personal delivery experiences. The conversation touched on each rider’s pain points and ideas on what could be done to resolve these issues.



Restaurant wait times


The riders shared that in their experience long restaurant wait times are the main cause of rejections and asked us what we’re doing to help our restaurant partners improve their wait times.We are currently compiling data and actively working with our restaurant partners to see how we work together to improve the preparation process. In the meantime, the Forum riders and you can help us gather more data by clicking the “Report long wait time” button in the order help screen, or report long wait times in the form here.



Difficult journeys 


Distance-based fees were meant to more accurately reward riders for the effort taken for each order. However, we acknowledge the frustrations of riders who deliver uphill or cross zones. Our team is currently in the process of improving your experience by allowing you to pick up orders from restaurants in neighboring zones, so you spend more time delivering rather than traveling to pick up orders, which the Forum agreed could help improve the delivery experience. 



COVID-19 planning


Since the first outbreak of the coronavirus, Deliveroo has been providing food to customers and delivering more than we ever had before thanks to your effort. In anticipation of a third wave our Operations team are actively dedicating time to planning for this, and exploring how we can ensure we minimise any impacts to the rider experience.


We hope that we can continue to work together to create a better delivery experience for riders, restaurant partners, and customers. If you would like to participate in the next Deliveroo Rider Forum, please stay tuned to our biweekly Roosletter!