Incentive Plan - July 12

How to calculate my order total earnings?

Incentive detail

Date: 12 July 2020, Sunday
Time: 12:00 – 14:00


Zones & Incentives 

Hong Kong IslandAberdeenHKAB$5
Ap Lei ChauHKALC$5
Kennedy TownHKKT$5
KowloonKwai ShingHKKS$5
Kwun TongHKKWT$5
Mong KokHKMK$5
Tsim Sha TsuiHKTST$5
New TerritoriesFanlingHKFL$5
Sheung ShuiHKSS$5
Ma On ShanHKMOS$8
Tseung Kwan OHKTKO$8
Tai PoHKTP$8
Tai WaiHKTW$8
Yuen LongHKYL$8


Time: 18:00 – 21:00


Zones & Incentives 

Hong Kong IslandAberdeenHKAB$10
Ap Lei ChauHKALC$10
Causeway BayHKCW$6
Eastern DistrictHKED$6
Heng Fa ChuenHKHFC$6
North PointHKNP$6
KowloonKowloon TongHKKTG$6
Kwun TongHKKWT$6
Mei FooHKMF$6
Ma Tau WaiHKMTW$6
San Po KongHKSPK$6
Sham Shui PoHKSSP$6
To Kwa WanHKTKW$6
Tsuen WanHKTSW$6
New TerritoriesFanlingHKFL$10
Ma On ShanHKMOS$10
Sheung ShuiHKSS$10
Tseung Kwan OHKTKO$10
Tai WaiHKTW$10
Tsing YiHKTY$10
Tung ChungHKTC$6
Tin Shui WaiHKTIN$6
Tuen MunHKTM$6


*This incentive only applies to the distance-based riders.
*The incentive only applies to completed orders.
*The incentive will be calculated in the 1.3x boost fee.


Incentive Period

Please note that incentives may not cover all hours in⚡ sessions. If the order is accepted within⚡ sessions but not in the incentive periods, you would not receive any incentives.

You should always refer to Roo Community incentive page for the incentive periods.

Applicable incentives will be included as part of order fees on your order acceptance screen. 

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