Being a rider has its perks!

Deliveroo has partnered with virtual insurer Bowtie

Bowtie is providing offers for Deliveroo riders*, including a free BowtieGo health and wellness membership programme for you and your family*. (“BowtieGo Free Plan”) .

This partnership was created to save you money and give you added security while preserving the flexibility that comes with working with Deliveroo that you tell us you value.

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About the programme

BowtieGo is a health and wellness membership programme managed by Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited. Through the free programme you and your beloved ones can:

Get unlimited GP consultations,Chinese medicine doctor visits, acupuncture and bone setting services at member exclusive rate

If you sign up, you’ll also receive a CircleK $20 e-voucher as part of BowtieGo’s welcome offer

How to sign up?

From now until June 17, 2021, you can sign up for the free programme using code:


and explore payable options on the link below:

:Register BowtieGo now!

(*) – Deliveroo Hong Kong Limited (Deliveroo HK) is not a licensed insurance intermediary or an authorised insurer. You should obtain your own independent advice from a licenced insurance intermediary. Bowtie Life Insurance Limited (Bowtie), which is an authorized insurer, has provided the information above regarding available healthcare programmes and plans and any related queries should be directed to Bowtie. Any claims under the healthcare programme or plan you select will be handled by Bowtie. Deliveroo HK will not receive any remuneration or reward from its arrangement with Bowtie.

The above health and wellness membership programmes are managed by Bowtie and the outpatient benefit under the membership program is not an insurance plan.

In case of any enquiry about the above plans, please contact Bowtie directly on 3008 8123 or email to [email protected] . Please read the term and conditions.