2020/05/17 Sunday Bonus

We are seeing an increasing demand for deliveries at the weekend,
so another round of bonus will be offered for you to earn more.
Come and join us to earn some extra cash or you will regret it!

This bonus is only available in 11 select zones.
On Sunday (May 17) 18:00 - 21:00.
For every order you delivered, you will earn :


How to calculate your boost fee:

If an order has the dynamic fee of $50,
Boost fee = $50 X 20% = $10
Total earnings of this order = $50 + $10= $60


Bonus Zone

HKIHKCWCauseway Bay
KowloonHKKTGKowloon Tong
HKKLBKowloon Bay
HKSSPSham Shui Po
New TerritoriesHKMOSMa On Shan
HKKSKwai Shing
HKTKOTseung Kwan O
HKTSWTsuen Wan

Are you ready for this? Go online and complete the number of orders assigned during the designated time to earn the bonus!

*Only applicable to completed orders.
*Only available for distance-based fee riders.
*Only available for riders with a cumulative acceptance rate of at least 80% during the specified date and period.
*This incentive will be paid in the next payment period.