Mother's Day Special - Man Luk

The coming Sunday on 10 May, 2020 is Mother’s Day and Deliveroo wishes all Mothers to have a lovely Mother’s Day ❤

To celebrate the mothers that work to support their families, we have invited one of our “Mommy riders”, Man Luk who has worked for more than three years with us, to share her experience of being a rider and a mother of two.

Her friend introduced her to Deliveroo and she has been loving us since 


‘I like the concept and operation of your business. A rider is a rider and I can continue to do what I am familiar with.’ 


She enjoys the flexibility of the job and being focus on being a good rider, delivering food to hungry customers. Her family has been supportive of her job as well, where she proudly said that her son would accompany her on her rider shift during bad weather.

For this Mother’s day, Man would take a day off to celebrate with her family.  She also wished to let other riders know that road safety should always come first before the money.