2020/04/06 - 04/09 Weekday Lunch Incentive

With everyone ordering at home, our orders are off the roof! This Weekday Lunch Bonus is better than ever! Come and join us to earn some extra cash or you will be regretted!

We’re offering more bonuses this Week from April 6 (Mon) – 9 (Thur) during lunch sessions (12:00 – 14:00). The bonus will be applied to ALL ZONES

Complete orders assigned during the specified sessions and earn:
Scooters:   +$10 per order
Walkers/Bicycles: +$5 per orders

Are you ready for this? Go online and complete the number of orders assigned during the designated time to earn the bonus!

*Only applicable to completed orders.
*Only available for distance-based fee riders
*Only available for riders with a cumulative acceptance rate of at least 80% during the specified sessions.
*This incentive will be paid in the next pay period.