Contact-Free Deliveries during COVID-19

Customers can choose ‘Contact-free delivery’ at check-out. You will see this in the order's delivery notes when a customer has selected this option

Please check the delivery notes of every order and follow any specific requests made by customers.
Limiting contact when delivering orders to protect each other.


How to make a contact-free delivery

1. Check the delivery notes to see if a contact-free delivery has been asked for

2. Let the customer know when you’ve arrived

3. Open your thermal bag and place it on the ground outside the door

4. Step back to at least 1 metre away and wait for them to collect the food

5. Mark the order as delivered only when you’ve seen the customer collected it

Protect the safety of our riders, restaurant partners and customers is extremely important during this time. With this in mind, please make sure to follow every customer’s request(s) you received for contact-free delivery.

If we receive several reports about a rider not following Deliveroo’s contact-free policy, their Supplier Agreement may be terminated.

Should every delivery be contact-free?

No, you can see whether a customer selected ‘Contact-free delivery’ in the order’s delivery notes. Please follow the customer’s requests about contact-free delivery.

Can I choose to make every delivery contact-free?

If you wish to carry out contact-free deliveries to limit contact with others, please let customers know beforehand by contacting them politely through the app before you arrive.

Should I avoid direct contact with restaurant staff too?

If you wish to limit your contact with others, please let the staff know once you’ve arrived at the restaurant and ask politely if they can put the order on the counter when it’s ready instead of passing it to you directly.

What should I do when delivering a pizza, or I have 2 orders in my thermal bag?

In cases where certain items would be difficult for a customer to remove from the bag without touching it, we recommend that you remove the item from the bag yourself and place it on the doorstep. Please wait for the customer to collect the food before tapping ‘Complete delivery’ in your app.


We will continue to share coronavirus guidelines with all restaurant partners, and they will also put their own measures in place to guard against the risk of infection for their employees, riders and customers.

If you feel ill or tested positive for coronavirus, please do not log in and let us know immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns about coronavirus, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated Rider Support team.