Hong Kong's first Rider Awards 2019

50 winners stand out among 4,000 riders for all aspects of an excellent delivery service

Deliveroo Announces First Rider Awards to Acknowledge the Incredible Work of Riders in Hong Kong

(Hong Kong, 17 September 2019) – Deliveroo today hosted Hong Kong’s first Deliveroo Rider Awards, a new programme to recognise the hard work of riders across Hong Kong, and to instil a sense of pride to the riders who make the biggest difference for customers, partner restaurants and the Hong Kong community.

Restaurants and riders are invited to nominate and vote on the Deliveroo riders they feel go above and beyond to deliver great service. The winners are awarded with a certificate,  a medal, a polo shirt, a sports waist bag sponsored by Shell and vouchers from Pizza Express and Golden Prince Thai Restaurant during the Rider Awards ceremony today. The criteria for nominations include,  maintaining a positive attitude in all forms of interactions, and upholding road safety guidelines. Riders are at the heart of Deliveroo’s mission in Hong Kong to bring the best selection of local restaurants direct to people’s doors. New technology and functionality from Deliveroo are further supporting riders to deliver the best service to customers.

Brian Lo, General Manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong and Taiwan, said, “Deliveroo puts enormous value on our team of self-employed riders, who ensure that Deliveroo can bring fantastic meals from a huge variety of restaurants to people across Hong Kong with speed and efficiency. They are critical to our success and in the ecosystem. Congratulations to all of our riders recognised in the Deliveroo Riders Awards and we look forward to more opportunities to publicly acknowledge and encourage the fantastic work of the team!”

Roy Ng, Director of Golden Prince Thai Restaurant, said, “It is inspiring to see how Deliveroo is setting the standards for the food industry and honouring the riders who consistently perform to the best of their abilities — no matter the condition. We highly value and appreciate the hard work of all the riders. We deliberately chose convenient locations for our restaurant where the riders are able to pick up the food without any hassle.  When we see riders arriving at our restaurants with big smiles on their faces, it cements the confidence we have in Deliveroo being able to always safely deliver our food to the customers. Well done to all the riders! Hopefully our vouchers can serve as some encouragement for them.”

One rider recognised in the Deliveroo Rider Awards is Mr. Lam, who commented, “It is such an honour to be nominated and win at the Deliveroo Rider Awards. Being a rider is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy flexible, well-paid work and bring delicious meals to the Hong Kong community. The awards help us to connect within our community. We have the opportunity to appreciate and learn from other riders. I meet many new friends today. Thank you for making me proud of what I do, and equally as proud to continue working with Deliveroo.

Deliveroo riders in Hong Kong enjoy a number of benefits, with new offerings being frequently rolled out. They include the new Cash Out feature launched in June 2019, enabling riders to access their earnings as early as the same day at the tap of a button; a free, first-of-its-kind insurance package that automatically enrolls riders on a personal injury policy from leading insurance provider Marsh; and a variety of engagement opportunities including first-aid training, riders appreciation dinners, movie nights and more.

Thank you to our sponsors for the event!