Deliveroo Presents Hong Kong’s First Rider Restaurants Award

Deliveroo Presents Hong Kong’s First Rider Restaurants Award

  • The first-of-its-kind awards initiative celebrates the collaboration between Deliveroo riders and restaurants in Hong Kong
  • Deliveroo riders have voted on their favourite Hong Kong restaurants to work with, based on criteria like courtesy, order prep time and extra hospitality touches
  • Winning restaurants including La Rotisserie, McDonald’s and Viet’s Choice recently received their trophies from Deliveroo

(Hong Kong, 25 March 2019) – Celebrating the collaboration between riders and restaurants, the backbone of Hong Kong’s food delivery industry, Deliveroo has launched the new Rider Restaurants Award. This is a first-of-its-kind initiative, promoting the spirit of hospitality and asking riders in every Hong Kong district to vote for their favourite restaurants to work with.


The unique teamwork between riders and restaurants is fundamental to Deliveroo’s mission to bring a huge variety of delicious food direct to people’s doors. In the first ever Rider Restaurants Award, riders in Hong Kong have voted for their favourite restaurants based on criteria such as the courtesy and friendly attitude of staff, order preparation time, and being offered extra hospitality touches such as a glass of water or access to a phone charger.


Brian Lo, General Manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong, said, “The Rider Restaurants Awards are yet another fantastic way for Deliveroo to support the thriving growth of food delivery in Hong Kong. We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on the symbiotic relationship between Deliveroo riders and restaurants, recognizing their joint efforts to bring fresh, tasty meals to people in Hong Kong, fast. With Deliveroo, restaurants get more customers, riders get well-paid and flexible work, and everyone can enjoy more access to great dining options.”


A total of 975 votes were received, representing nearly half of the Deliveroo fleet. Key findings include:

  • Amongst winning restaurants, the average prep time from when an order is received to when it’s ready for delivery is 7.6 minutes
  • 20 out of the 23 winning restaurants offer an order prep time under 10 minutes
  • Cheung Hing Kee Shanghai Pan-fried Buns (Central), Marugame Seimen (Kowloon Bay) and Pak Don (Yau Tong) boast the fastest order prep times, at 4.6, 4.9 and 5.3 minutes, respectively
  • In terms of how long riders must wait once they arrive to a restaurant, on average, 83.8% of riders enjoy 5-minute-or-less waits across all winning restaurants
  • McDonald’s (Wan Chai) wins on snappy service, with more than 96% of riders saying their wait time is under 5 minutes
  • All winning restaurants offer a wait time of under 5 minutes to at least 60% of riders


Drawing top scores from Deliveroo riders, the winning restaurants in Deliveroo’s first Rider Restaurants Awards received their trophies from Deliveroo this week. They are:


Hong Kong Central (HKWC, HKCW, HKME)

  • La Rotisserie
  • McDonald’s
  • Eric Kayser


Hong Kong Island East (HKNP, HKED, HKHFC)

  • The Night Market
  • Ki’s Roasted Goose Restaurant
  • McDonald’s


Hong Kong Island South (HKAB, HKALC, HKSD)

  • Viet’s Choice
  • GCX
  • Tam’s Shop
  • Meen & Rice
  • Shanghai Lao Lao


Hong Kong Island West (HKCE, HKSW, HKSYP, HKKT)

  • Cheung Hing Kee Shanghai Pan-fried Buns
  • BEP Vietnamese Kitchen



  • Dumpling Pro
  • King of Sheng Jian


Kowloon East (HKKLB, HKKWT, HKSPK)

  • Marugame Seimen
  • PakDon Yau Tong
  • Viet’s Choice



  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • KTS


New Territories West (HKYL, HKTM, HKKS, HKMF, HKTSW, HKTY)

  • Crystal Jade Jiang Nan


Furthering the company’s commitment to support Hong Kong’s burgeoning food delivery industry and bring added value to partners and customers wherever possible, Deliveroo collected a number of learnings during the awards process. These have been collated into a list of insights on which restaurant hospitality practices make the biggest difference to riders. These practices can deliver a higher quality of service and a better experience for riders, restaurants and customers alike. Key points from the winning restaurants include:


  • Treating riders and walkers with the same level of warm, welcoming service as customers
  • Encouraging hospitality training for staff, e.g. courses conducted by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency
  • Double checking orders for delivery to ensure they have been correctly prepared
  • Being ready to give prepared meals to riders as soon as they arrive


Brian Lo added, “Leading the Riders’ Restaurants Awards has been an amazing opportunity to learn more about how restaurants in Hong Kong can deliver the best hospitality experience, whether interacting with guests in person or working with delivery riders to reach hungry customers at home. In Hong Kong’s highly competitive F&B market, cultivating the right service philosophy can help restaurants stand out from the crowd and win lasting loyalty from guests – whether they’re eating in or ordering takeaway from Deliveroo.”