Statistics - your questions answered

Time away and your statistics



You can go on holiday worry free! Your statistics will only be counted for the days that you have worked. (Booked and attended a session on that day)

How do I apply for this?
– You do not need to apply for this.
– You do not need to email us to apply for it.
– Cancel 24 hours in advance, sessions of that day that you are on holiday.

The system will treat you as “on holiday” as long as you have cancelled (not late cancellation) all of your pre-booked sessions. So, remember to turn off “Request this session weekly”! If not; that day will still be counted in your statistics.

This applies for Super Peak Hours as well, which means if your past 14 active days include any Super Peak Hours attended, you can choose to take the weekend off too. When you decide to come back, your statistics will remain the same as before you left.

We will not be able to adjust statistics if you happen to forget to cancel such sessions, so please remember to “cancel and turn off” for the days you want to be on holiday.

*We recommend that you come back to work on a Super-Peak day (which is Saturday) in order to keep your booking time.

How your statistics are calculated

The in-app self serve booking tool has been designed based on your feedback to give you fair access to the flexible work you want. It matches the number of riders needed with the number of orders we expect to receive, and works out how many sessions will be available in every hour. This gives you more security over how much you can earn.


How your statistics are calculated


Your statistics are based on your last 14 “active” days.

If you were active less than 14 days, for example, you were active for only 12 days, you statistics would be based on your last 12 active days instead.

Please note that an “active” day is when you have done any of the following: attended, not attended or cancelled a booking less than 24 hours in advance. Therefore, being “active” is not only limited to when you have completed a session.

*Your statistics are updated daily.


Not attending or cancelling a booked session


Absence from the session has a greater impact on your statistics than late cancellation. Therefore, if you are unable to attend a session that you’ve booked or you know that you’ll be late, you may cancel it so that we can make those sessions available for other riders.

We’re answering some of the most frequent questions about self serve booking:

All riders work with us in different ways so they can fit riding around their life. Some fit riding around family commitments, and others ride to top up other earnings while getting some exercise.

However you ride, we want you to have fair access to the work you want. So we look at statistics for you and other riders in your area to give priority booking access to those who provide the most consistent, quality service.

All sessions are released for booking at 17:00 each Monday – but you can get earlier access at 11:00 and 15:00. This is known as priority booking access.

Priority booking access will be given to the riders who provide the most reliable service.
Your stats are relative to other riders in your city. Priority groups change each week. So, for example, if you decide not to work super-peak hours, that doesn’t necessarily mean your priority group will be affected. It all depends on what other riders are doing too.


Yes. Self-serve booking has been designed to provide fair access to sessions for everyone. For riders who decide to work more hours, and are likely to rely on these hours to meet their fee goals, we’re committed to ensuring you have access to a similar amount of work each week. This means that where your statistics are the same, a rider who works more hours per week may get access to sessions earlier than a rider who works fewer hours.


Turn on ‘Request weekly’ when you book. This will automatically request to book those sessions for the same day each week.

Your booking will be confirmed one week in advance.

Use ‘notify me’? when you want to a book specific sessions but there is no space left. Tap ‘Notify’ to receive a notification when a free space becomes available for booking.

Using a more efficient vehicle gives you earlier booking access.

Finally – check the self serve tool throughout the week to book sessions that other riders may have cancelled.

Your statistics are based on your last 14 active days. An active day is when you have done any of the following:

  • Attended a booking on that day
  • Cancelled a booking less than 24 hours in advance (the day of the session that was cancelled)

Your statistics are always based on the last 14 active days.

Even if you choose not to work. So if you take time off, your stats are protected and remember to cancel your booking 24 hours in advance.

Your attendance and late cancellation rates are calculated as a percentage of your bookings. This means they will change depending on the number of sessions you’ve booked in the past 14 days.

Here’s an illustration to help make this clearer: