Distance-based Fees

Find out how much you can earn with us!

For deliveries that make you travel further, we’ll now pay you more. This way of calculating fees takes into account how far each order will take you, offering a different fee for every order and a fairer system of paying more for orders that take you further.

Everything you need to know about distance based fees

Take some time to read further about how this new distance-based fee structure works and what it could mean for you.

Many riders and walkers in Hong Kong have told us that you want to be paid more for longer distances, and we agree.

Longer distance deliveries often take a longer time to complete. Giving you the choice to work on distance fees means that when you choose to do longer distances you get paid more for those deliveries.

This fee system pays based on the distance and time that each delivery will take to complete.  

You’ll now also see more details about every delivery. Before you accept any order, you’ll see:

  • The full journey – including customer location
  • The full fee – this will change for every delivery
  • The option to accept or reject the delivery

You can access more details about the fee – such as, if it includes a surge – by clicking on the total fee in-app.

The shortest distance orders will see the lowest fees, rising as the distance increases.

You will always clearly see the fee on offer for every order. Working with distance fees means your effort will be reflected fairer on the fee offered.

No. The minimum delivery fee does not include additional incentives – such as weekend incentives which we sometimes offer to riders in Hong Kong. Referral fees are also not included. Additional incentives are clearly marked in your invoices as “FEE ADJUSTMENT”. We’ll always communicate any additional incentives that you may be eligible to receive by announcing in Telegram channel, email, through the Roo Community.


The calculation is based on a combination of the distance an order will travel, as well as the time we expect it may take to complete. The time it takes to travel the same distance may be different across different zones.

We believe it is fair to have a fee system that takes into account the full delivery:

Accepting the order + travelling to the restaurant + delivering to the customer  

We suggest the route in app to help you find the customer. But it’s totally up to you which route you take – you’re the expert!

The fee for each delivery is calculated based on the distance as well as how long it is expected it will take you to complete the delivery. This fee will still stay the same – whether it takes you more or less time than we expected – however you are free to take your preferred route to complete the delivery.

The fee we offer for every order takes into account how long we expect it will take to complete the full order (from acceptance, to collection at the restaurant, travel to the customer and completing the delivery). 

If you’re waiting for 15 minutes or more after an order’s ‘Food Ready Estimate’, you can contact the Customer Service team to unassign the order without impacting your acceptance rate. You can access more detail here.

You can also report restaurants that regularly keep you waiting too long via this form.

Yes. You are completely free to choose which deliveries you want to complete and which you would rather reject.

You can continue to track your earnings through the invoice you receive each pay period – which shows how much you have made on each day you’ve worked.

You can also track your fees in-app. The in-app My Earnings tool lists all of the deliveries you have completed and the fee for each one. My Earnings is available for all riders working with distance fees.


The delivery fee that you see before accepting an order is the full fee (not including the boost fee) for completing that delivery.

The full fee is shown on your App when you complete the delivery that you accepted.

You can choose to reject or unassign from any orders you are offered, however this means your acceptance rate might be affected. It is not possible to be paid for the pick-up only fee only if you choose to be unassigned from the delivery before it is completed.

If this happens, please contact our Customer Service team at once or the Rider Support team on Roo Community after you completed the delivery.

*Same District (e.g. from HKCE to HKSW)*

If the new location belongs to the same district as the one you were first assigned to, you would still receive the stated fee (as shown on the initial screen) if you decide to deliver the food to the new address. If you decide not to deliver the order to the new address, you can send the food back to the restaurant. However, since the customer never received the order, you will not be paid for that order.

*Cross-District (e.g. from HKWC to HKMK)*
If the new location belongs to a different district than your assigned zone, you do not need to complete the order. Simply swipe “complete” on the order, and return the food to the restaurant. You will be paid what was shown on the initial screen.