Safety Tips

Keep safe on the road

Your safety is our priority.

Remember, if you ever have any safety concerns while working with us, please follow these steps:

If you are worried about your safety on an order speak to us. If you ever have concerns about completing an order due to safety considerations, please move to a safe location out of any immediate danger and contact rider support using the Live Chat function inside your Rider App for further instructions.

If you have concerns about an area do not work there. If you do not feel safe delivering to a certain area you can contact Rider Support team through Live Chat for help. Your safety is our priority.

Report your concerns to the police. Remember to call 999 if your bike is stolen, if you are threatened/attacked or you witness a crime.

Tell us your concerns and help us take action. You can report any concerns and help us to better identify the areas where you do not feel safe. We want to gather data on crime trends so that we can share it with the police to ask them to take action.

Please also take note of guidance issued by the police, to help you. Stay safe on the road and report crime to the police.