How and why am I offered specific orders?

You’re online. You can see other riders on the road too. You’re offered an order – but why?

Meet Frank!

Frank is our super-smart algorithm that decides which rider to offer which order.

We want to deliver great food to our hungry customers’ home or workplace in the most efficient and reliable way.

To make this possible, our team is constantly updating our specialist technology, to ensure the best delivery solution.

  • The specific dish that is being prepared
  • The location of the restaurant
  • The time of day and the day of the week
  • The number of riders on the road
  • How many live customer orders there are
  • The distance from the restaurant to the customer

It’s constantly working behind the scenes, reassessing and planning orders to make sure order assignments are as efficient as possible. It aims to offer you the order at the right time, so that you arrive at the restaurant as close as possible to the order collection time. It’s always one step ahead, working to become more and more accurate to make the Deliveroo experience the best it can be for everyone. It’s designed to help:

  • Riders make more deliveries and therefore more money.
  • Restaurants prepare more orders, more efficiently.
  • Customers receive quality food quicker.

Why did we choose the name Frank?

You told us that when you arrive at the restaurant, sometimes the order is ready for pick up and other times you have to wait there for a few minutes. Why does this happen?

Above, we introduced you to Frank – the technology we use to decide which rider to offer which order.

Now, we’re talking about how Frank decides when to offer you orders.

First, Frank works out when the restaurant will have an order ready. It does this by looking at a number of factors, like what type of food is being prepared and how busy the restaurant is at that time.

Then, Frank works out who is the best located rider to deliver that order at the right time. The time it takes to deliver an order depends on lots of things, like the distance needed to travel, the amount of traffic on the roads and how long it may take to park up. We look at every single thing to work out how long it should take a rider to get to the restaurant.

Frank uses this information to work out if you’re the best located rider for the order. If so, you’ll be offered the order at the right moment – to make sure your arrival time at the restaurant will best match the time that the order will be ready for pick up. This way, the amount of time you spend waiting at the restaurant will be as short as possible.

We know Frank doesn’t get this right every time, but we’re always working to get better. For example:

If restaurants are very busy or it takes longer than expected to prepare the order, we’ll learn for next time and allow more preparation time before you’re offered the order.  You can also visit this page if you want to know more about the things you should do when the restaurant’s wait time is too long.

We also take on board the information you share with us about each stage of an order. If there’s a long gap between the time you tell us you’ve arrived at the restaurant and the time you’ve picked up the order, we’ll try to make our timings more accurate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frank is designed to create the best overall delivery solution. It offers orders to riders based on their live location and the estimated travel time to the restaurant.

At certain times and places, different vehicles may be given delivery priority – for example, if there’s a longer delivery distance, a scooter is more suited to the order.

Customer demand varies from time to time, and from zone to zone. In booking zones, our system can accurately predict customer demand and the number of riders needed in any given place and at any given time. This is something we’re always working to improve.

For the best experience, remember to ride with us during our busiest times, such as lunchtimes and dinner times.

While there isn’t a set maximum, the average delivery distance from the restaurant to the customer is around one kilometre.

When we’re really busy, we ensure customers will get their order quicker by reducing the area from which they can place orders. Of course this means that trips for riders will be quicker and it will be easier to complete more deliveries.

Yes. We collect feedback on long wait times at restaurants with the following:

– Data captured when you swipe throughout an order.
– The rating you share at the end of each delivery.
The form to report long wait time at restaurant

We put all this information together and use it to make improvements. We also work with restaurants to help them improve their process to reduce wait times.