Sponsorship Stories: Norbert

Last year Norbert completed the Transfier Half Ironman Triathlon for an amazing cause close to his heart. He told us about the event.

I decided to take part in this event (Transfier, one of the hardest 70.3 in the world) in remembrance of the past year’s journey, a journey that took me through many and unexpected ups and downs.

"I also knew of a charity campaign from my home town and I couldn't miss the chance to use this event as a fundraising opportunity."

The event went smoothly, without any incidents. Though the legs were getting stiffer and stiffer as the event progressed, there was not one single moment I thought of stopping. I needed to do it for my grandma, for the charity, for me. And I am grateful to all who supported me and helped me to make this experience a reality.